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Here are the basics of how MerchSales works.
To get set up, you will need to:

Provide contact information
We will need at least One person from the band or company who we can contact regularly if we are low on your inventory or have questions. You will need to provide and submit a phone number and email address, along with a mailing address to send monthly statements to for billing purposes. We will then email you Credit Card and Credit Application for approval.

Your Name

Band / Company Name









Additional comments, questions or requests.

Setup email account
We provide you with an email account i.e. yourname@merchsales.com

Provide us with Merchandise
We need a minimum of 6 pieces of merchandise per item, color, style, and size that you plan to sell, we do limit items in the beginning to 12 pieces per item, color, style and size until we can both together gauge what inventory will be needed in our warehouse to fulfill your orders. We also make Merch visit our website www.merchhouse.com

Design your store on your own website
You set up your own online store how ever you would like it to look. If you need help, we can direct you to profession web designers that we have worked with. Here are some style samples links of other MerchSales.com clients Audio Karate , Home Grown, Reel Big Fish , and Lorene Drive your webmaster can copy the source code or create new page and easily add to your existing website.

Once you have followed all the steps and then provided us with your items, we will input your items and shipping information based on how we ship. We will then email you links for each item to attach to your online store.

If you would like to provide mail orders for your customers, put a printable mail order form on your website (which we will provide). The mail order will be addressed to you. When you receive the mail order, take the check or money order and then mail or fax the form to us to process.

Automatic Credit Card billing or Monthly Terms (subject to approval) will be mailed or charged to you after the end of the month. Our fee is simple $4.00 per order or 15% if you exceed 50 orders each monthly billing cycle. There is a one-time $25 charge to set up account with MerchSales.com and includes the first item and $5.00 for each additional item(s). There is no charge to remove or relist your item(s). We reserve the right to return unacceptable item(s) at our discretion i.e. damaged, illegal, offensive, or trademark infringement. Items received without packing slip or if discrepancy arises item will not be stocked and returned from our warehouse to you.
Please keep in mind that we are not a webstore all marketing is up to you we are simply a fulfillment service company.

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