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Does Your Band Need Help Selling Merch Online? We Can Help!!

This is what do we need from you
*A minimum of 6 pieces per item, color, size, style, etc. that you plan to sell.

If You're not doing Business with Us, You should be
That means if you are providing your own on-site logistics, you may not be enjoying the cost effectiveness that an off-site, full turn key fulfillment center can provide. With, let the power of our business increase the power of your business!

Here are the advantages for using
We will keep your inventory and stock levels and notify you if we are in need of merchandise
We will control back orders for you to avoid delays in other items getting to customers
We provide experienced staff to deal with all of your needs.
Customer service reps to keep public relations with your customers in case of any problems
Internet Service
Email account directed specifically towards your merchandise sales
Filing of all recorded transactions
No need to hire an employee or impose on a fan, family or friends
No storage space needed on your part
No ink cartridges to buy
No electric bills
No emails to deal with except with us.
No dealing with unhappy customers
No shipping labels
No boxes or tape to buy
No more worries of packaging items and trying to figure out how they fit properly in the box.
No headaches
No losing orders
No running to post office to buy stamps or ship orders
No competition with other bands, customers only sees your merchandise
We can cross promote with other orders if both you and the other band agree
Nobody will know the difference if it is you sending the order or us
No contract to sign we simply ask you to give us 30 days notice if it doesn't work out

We provide all of this for a flat fee of $4 per order or 15% if you exceed 50 orders each monthly billing cycle.

There is a one-time $25 charge to set up an account with and that includes your first item and $5.00 for each additional item(s).

That $25 lasts forever (or until you don't want us to fulfill orders anymore.) So we will never tell you that it isn't selling enough, or you're not important. Even if you only sell 1 item every year, we'll be glad to warehouse it and take orders for it here. So let us do the job for you.

Email or call us for more details 714.900-6840 or

E-Commerce ensures that when the product is clicked - it gets shipped.Our e-commerce helps your business reach new markets and reduce costs.

Our system provides around the clock convenience and access, just like your website!Secure Online Credit Card Processing.

Fund Processing will assist you in setting up the account. We will pay you directly for all orders processed during the monthly billing cycle.

We have both an Ability to Adapt and an Attitude towards Growth
One of the biggest difficulties as a client in searching for a fulfillment house is finding a company that is capable of the services you need now, as well as in the future. has a long list of capabilities and services. On several occasions, has generated new services and purchased machinery. As a client of MerchSales, we encourage you to look at us as your operations staff, warehouse, and distribution center. If your business needs to grow in a particular direction, our business will grow in that same direction!

Warehouse Facilities
Our facility offers us a prime location in Southern California. We have a 4,000 square foot warehouse located in Orange, California and we are expanding to additional locations.

Domestic and International Shipment Services
It is our international capabilities that make MerchSales the company customers trust when it comes to getting your products overseas. MerchSales has powerful systems in place for shipments to Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, Latin America and Africa. The bottom line is that MerchSales is an internationally proficient fulfillment company. We have the experience to ensure that shipments with international destinations arrive at their intended location on time and safely.

We ship all orders thru the United States Post Office Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. Postage is purchased through Endicia's Dazzle designer postage service to create professional shipping

Mail Orders
Yes, we can still do all of your mail orders simply send us an email or fax with the address and order. To avoid confusion please have all mail orders sent directly to your address. Fulfillment Services
745 West Katella Avenue
Orange, CA 92867-4630
tel: 714.900-6840

Company History was founded by Vince Pileggi in a successful effort to establish a full service, international, turn-key fulfillment house of the highest quality and service capability. Merch Sales has done this for years with bands that Vince has worked with and now he wants to open this opportunity for your needs.

MerchSales is capable of all assembly, distribution, warehouse, data entry/management, and inventory services. MerchSales has detail-oriented, proactive employees who are sensitive to our client's high sense of urgency.

Merch Sales knows the fulfillment business well from previous industry experiences on the fulfillment and client sides. Realizing they could elevate the level of service within the fulfillment industry, MerchSales was formed. Their combined energies compliment each other and ensure MerchSales is successful. MerchSales differentiates itself from the competition through lower costs, faster customer service response, increased quality and accuracy, better reliability and a larger breadth of services.

Team Approach is committed to creating an environment where employees feel they are part of the company. We firmly believe the only way to build a company is through investing in our most important resource - people!

The staff is always encouraged to voice innovative ideas to help the company run even more effectively.

As a result of our people and service philosophy, has the best quality team in the fulfillment industry!

Mission Statement
To manage and build your business to new higher levels of quality, detail, reliability and efficiency.'s team approach will provide service in a timely and low cost manner.

One of the greatest features of MerchSales is our willingness to make ourselves available to our clients. At MerchSales we are on the front line of duty every day working hands on with your business. MerchSales's staff are available on a 24/7 basis. We take your business personally!

Type of Business and Current Activity
MerchSales provides high quality and low cost shipping & distribution targeting both the entertainment and non-entertainment industries. The way our service works is you sell your own Merchandise through your current website and will continue to do but we simply process and fill all of the orders while storing your product in our warehouse. takes advantage of new opportunities in the fulfillment market place daily. Our business goals are as follows:

1. Ensure customer satisfaction where the customer is the center of all business efforts and the customer is the reason we are in business in the first place.

2. Maximize efficiencies

3. Capitalize on our collective talent and resources to find opportunities in the marketplace

4. Eliminate opportunities for error

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